A Pictorial History of the Churches of Christ in China and Hong Kong--Eric Yip


Last Updated:2003/2/25


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*The pictures are organized under three categories: congregation, school, people.

*I've written an outline of the church history in China and Hong Kong.  I hope I could compile the pictures and text into one page.


l             Congregations

n             Mui Lok Church of Christ, Guangdong1927

n             GuangzhouKau Yuk Road Church of Christ, Guangzhou1933

u          Elders:Ting-wong So,Hoi-kit Leung,Lewis Oldham

u          Preachers:Wei-chi Ko,Hung-tak Li,Pau-wing Lau

n             A group of Christians in Northern China

n             Hong KongChurch of Christ at Shumshuipo1960

u          Elizabeth Bernard and her adopted children.

n             Hong KongKowloon City Church of Christ

n             (to be continued)


l             Schools

n             GuangzhouCheng Tung Bible School1932

n             Canton English School1934

n             GuangzhouCanton Bible School

u          pictures school building,hall,classroom,president's home and girls dormitory,boys dormitory,kitchen and bathroom,dining hall,faculty and students1934,faculty and students,students,regular class students,divinity class students,preparatory class students,female students,students eating

u          teachers

¨              President:George Benson

¨              Dean:Hoi-kit Leung

¨              Teachers:Tin-wong So

¨              Pau-wing Lau

¨              Roy Whitfield

¨              Ruth Gardner Whitfield

¨              Lewis Oldham

¨              Grace Oldham

¨              Sallie Hockaday Benson


l             People

n             Chinese workers

u          Dr Jeu Hawk1931

u          Heng-wan Lum

u          Hoi-kit Leung

u          Tin-wong So

u          Pau-wing Lau

n             Missionaries (years serving in China or Hong Kong in brackets)

u          George Benson1925-1937

u          Sallie Hockaday Benson1925-1937

u          E.L. Broaddus1927-1942grave

u          Margaret Broaddus1926-1930grave, inscriptions

u          Ethel Mattley1926-1945

u          Lewis Oldham1927-1939(died 1985)

u          Grace Oldham1927-1939

u          Noble B. Wright1928-1937

u          Charles Gruver1929-1937-worked in Northern China

u          Roy Whitfield1932-?-President of Canton Bible School after Benson

u          Elizabeth Bernard1932-1971

¨              pictures:early years,photo with her mother,at age 45,with her adopted children,later years,grave, inscriptions

¨              Tome Tune Biography of Elizabeth Bernard

u          Lowell B. Davis1932-1949)-President of Canton Bible School after Whitfield.  Over a hundred teachers and students of Southern Commercial College baptized.

u          Odesssa White1933-?,Odessa and Ah Wing

u          Ruth Gardner Whitfield1934-?

u          Frank Curtis1947-1949?


                        Hong Kong (1949-)

u          Dennis Allen                   1957-?

u          Melvin Harbison          1959-?

u          Guss Eoff                         1959-?

u          Douglas Robison         1959-?

u          Lynn Yocum                  ?-?

u          Tom Tune                        1962-?

u          Clarence E. King         1964-?

u          William Reeves    1966-?

u          Leonard Pamplin         1966-1971

u          Kent Martin                    1968-1973

u          Denton (Leonard) Scott     1970-1972

u          James Shahan                1971-1978

u          Harold Price                   1976-

u          Don Iverson                    1978-1981

u          Jim Waldron                   1979-1982

u          Bob Frazier                     1981-1983

u          Billy McVey                   1982-?

u          Jack McGhee                 1979-89

u          M.H. Tucker                  1984-?

u          Don Thornton               1984-

u          Chuck Forsythe            1987-?