History of the Churches of Christ in China and Hong Kong (1925-1997)

-Eric Yip



I. Introduction

  A. 1997- Hong Kong under Chinese rule again

  B. Brief history of the church from the Apostolic time to the Reformation

  C. Restoration Movement

  D. Brief history of Christianity in China: Nestorians, Jesuits, Protestants


II. The Golden Era (1925-1936)

  A. Before the Americans: Dr. Jew Hawk and the Shumshuipo Chinese Church of Christ

     1. Dr. Jew Hawk-an American trained medical doctor, probably converted in the US,                      one time chairman of the Medical Association in HK

     2. April 1926-beginning of the Shumshuipo Chinese Church of Christ

        Chinese preachers employed from Australia-Au Kwong-hon

        probably Disciples of Christ-organ was used and woman preacher                                allowed

     3. George Benson met Dr. Jew and successfully removed the organ and                              woman preacher.

     4. E. L. Broaddus joined Benson.

  B.  The worst of time

     1. Anti-Christians movement in China

     2. Anti-foreign sentiments: May 30th Incident, Guangdong-Hong Kong                            strike...

  C. George Benson

     1. preparation for mission

     2. Hong Kong 1925

     3. Kwei Hsien, Kwangsi

     4. Hong Kong 1926

     5. Philipines 1927

     6. Canton 1928-1930

     7. University of Chicago 1931

     8. Canton

  D. Work in Canton-preaching, education, publication

     1. Canton Bible School and Canton English Finishing School

        Lewis Oldham, Roy and Ruth Whitfield, Lowell B. and Odessa Davis,                          Ethel Mattley, Leung Hoi-kit, So Tin-wong

     2. Literature

        Canton Christian (1929-1931), Oriental Christian (1931-?),                                          translation of McGarvey's Commentary on Acts

     3. Congregations

        1930 Man Fok Road, Tung Shan Fong

        1933 Kau Yuk Road (preacher: Lau Po-wing)

  E. Hong Kong Church

     1. Shumshuipo (1926)

        a. Fuk Wah Street. Moved to 37 Fuk Wah Street in 1934.

        b. Missionaries lived in the church building: Broaddus, Mattley,                                           Odessa White, Elizabeth Bernard

     2. Hunghom (1927)

        a. 42, Wu Hu Street

        b. Oldham, Mattley

     3. Wanchai (1931)

        a. Broaddus, Mr. Lum

        b. Biography of E.L. Broaddus (

           i. once taught in Munsang College,worked under Mr. Wong whose                                          son later became the Vice-Chancellor of the University of                                     Hong Kong; one student who was later trained in Canton Bible                                        School and preached in Canton

          ii.1929-1930 preached in Kwangsi

          iii.1930 returned to Hong Kong.  Wife Margaret died. Remarried.

          iv.1940 sent sons and wife to Philipines because of war.

          v.1942 died and buried in Hong Kong

  F. Work in Peking

     1. Don Carlos Jane

     2. N.B. Wright, Charles Gruver


III. Wars (1937-1949)

     1. Sino-Japanese War-Benson left to become president of Harding; US                            missionaries left when Japan invaded Canton; 1940 Canton Bible

                 School reopened in Macau

     2. Hong Kong fell into Japanese hands

        Broaddus died; Mattley went to concentration camp; Bernard fled to                            Kweilin

     3. another war began

        1946 Canton Bible School reopened; 1949 Davies went to US, Bernard                      came to Hong Kong

     4. Christians under the Communists reign


IV. Hong Kong after 1949

    1. The only missionary-Elizabeth Bernard

    2. The other sheep

       -pre-mill. church: Victor Broaddus, Dennis Allen

       -instrumental church: Reese

    3. New man force: Guss Eoff, Harbison, Robison 

    4. New Era

       a.Evangelism (*=still existing)

       -Prince Edward Road 311A: Guss Eoff

       -Waterloo Road: John Chan, Stephen Chan, Johnny Liu, Luke Lau, Robert                            Wong

       -Kowloon City: Paul Hui

       -Prince Edward Road 238 (1967): Kent Martin, William Reeves, John Chan,Melvin               Chan, Paul Ng, Joseph Pang, Stephen Ma, Stephen Chan

       -Wah Fu (1968)*: Wan, Li, Kao, Peter Cheung, Tony Yeung, Yau Wai

       -To Dei Wan (1968): Tom Tune, Paul Cheung

       -Mei Foo (1973, later moved to Tsuen Wan, now at Argyle Street)*:                             Stephen Chan, Bill Chappel, Peter Cheung, Chuck Forsythe

       -Kwuntong: Melvin Chan

       -Sanpokong: Stehpen Chan, Shum Hing Wai (merged with MeiFoo 1978)

       -Tsuen Wan: Pamplin, Chiu, Shum (merged with MeiFoo 1977)

       -To Kwa Wan: Chu, Paul Cheung

       -Yuen Long: Joseph Pang, Paul Cheung

       -Sheung Shui: Joseph Pang

       -North Point: Tom Tune, Henry Yip, Pamplin, Li

       -Wanchai*: Stephen Chan, Pamplin, Martin, Peter Cheung, Li, Tam Chung-kao,                     Tony Yeung, Siu Ka-ming, Jack McGhee, M.H. Tucker, Chuck Forsythe

       -Tong Tau Estate: Daniel Hung

       -Tsuen Wan: Shum

       -Tsz Wan Shan: Wilson Cheung

       -Tai O: Daniel Wong, Stephen Chan

       -Castle Peak: Kao

       -Taipo: Shahan, Sammy Wu

       -Tsimshatsui: Jim Waldron

       -Yuen Long*: McVey, Don Thorton, Hui

     b. Education

       i. Hong Kong Christian College-never materialized.

       ii. Asia Preaching School

         teachers: Scott, Martin, Shahan, Paul Ng

       iii. China Preaching School-Melvin Chan, Shahan

       iv. China-Asia Preaching School: Tai Po

         preachers produced: Peter Cheung, Tam Chung Kao, Chu, Wu, Ho Man-kwong,               Hui

       v. Hong Kong Bible Institute in Wanchai

       vi. sent aboard to International Bible College, Florence, Alabama:                               Eric Yip, Thomas Tam, Siu Ka-ming, Dora Chan, Debbie Chan

      c. Publications

        i. Spiritual Song

        ii. tracts, teaching material...

    5. New Shepherd

       a. Hong Kong Church of Christ (Boston, ICC)

       b. Non-institutional church


V. Conclusion


Appendix I: list of missionaries


George S. Benson              1925-1937

Sallie Benson                     1925-1937

Ethel Mattley                     1926-?

Margaret Broaddus            1926-d.1930

Lewis J. Oldham                1927-1939 (d.1985)

Grace Oldham                   1927-1939

E.L. Broaddus                   1927-d.1942

Noble B. Wright                1928-?

Charles E. Grover              1929-1937

Alice Broaddus                  1932-1940

Lowell Davis                      1932-1940

Roy Whitefield                   1932-?

Estella Bernard                  1932-d.1950

Elizabeth Bernard               1932-d.1971

Odessa Davis                    1933-?

Ruth Whitefield                  1934-?

Frank Curtis


Hong Kong

Dennis Allen                      1957-?

Melvin Harbison                1959-?

Guss Eoff                           1959-?

Douglas Robison                1959-?

Lynn Yocum                      ?-?

Tom Tune                          1962-?

Clarence E. King               1964-?

William Reeves           1966-?

Leonard Pamplin                1966-1971

Kent Martin                       1968-1973

Denton (Leonard) Scott     1970-1972

James Shahan                    1971-1978

Harold Price                      1976-

Don Iverson                       1978-1981

Jim Waldron                      1979-1982

Bob Frazier                       1981-1983

Billy McVey                      1982-?

Jack McGhee                    1979-89

M.H. Tucker                     1984-?

Don Thorton                      1984-

Chuck Forsythe                  1987-?


Appendix II: short history of each congregation