We are a church of Christ worshiping in Wah Fu Estate, Hong Kong.  We meet every Sunday.  Our Sunday service includes praying, singing (a capella), reading Scriptures, preaching and taking the Lord’s Supper.  Service begins at 10am and usually lasts for an hour.  Bible class for all ages begins at 11:45 and usually lasts for half an hour.

You are welcome to worship with us.  Currently we only have Sunday service in Cantonese.  We may be able to provide translation if available.  If you would like to worship in English, you may contact either the Wanchai Church of Christ or the Yuen Long Church of Christ, who have services in English.  If you need any help, feel free to contact us at any time!

Wah Fu Church Of Christ (Cantonese speaking)
地址: 香港華富村華基樓618-619室
Address: Room 618-619, Wah Kee House, Wah Fu Estate, Hong Kong
電話/Phone: 2551-3682
傳真/Fax: 2551-0033
電郵/email: info@wahfucoc.org.hk
網頁/website: http://www.wahfucoc.org.hk
聚會時間: 星期日上午十時正
Service: Sunday 10:00 am
檢視較大的地圖交通:以華富邨為總站的巴士有:4, 40, 40M, 41A, 42, 48, M47, 94A, 170; 途經華富邨的巴士有73, 970, A12。其他基址 Other Churches of Christ in Hong Kong

Wanchai Church Of Christ (English and Cantonese speaking)
地址: 香港灣仔謝菲道221號仁英大廈1樓
Address: 1/F, Yen Ying Mansion, 221 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
電話/Phone: 2511-4575
傳真/Fax: 2507-4785
Minister: Felix

Argyle Street Church Of Christ (Cantonese speaking)
地址: 香港旺角亞皆老街56號利安大廈2樓
Address: 2/F, Lee On Building, 56 Argyle Sreet, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Whatsapp/SMS: (852)90561674
電郵/email: argyle.street.church.of.christ@gmail.com

Yuen Long Church Of Christ (English and Cantonese speaking)
地址: 香港元朗炮仗街9號順興樓2樓
Address: 2/F, Shun Hing Building, 9 Pau Cheung Street, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
電話/Phone: 2474-8585
傳真/Fax: 2471-7659
Minister: Don Thornton
Bible Class: 10am
Worship service: 11am

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